Working student

*We have no Open spot in 2022

An internship is ideal for those who really want to learn the Academic art of riding, One who desires a significant development. But who might not have the finantial means for the many lessons and courses.

On Mosegården, we work with the Academic art of Riding and Horsemanship. We have horses with some physical difficulties, and some with mental difficulties. You might get the opputunity to work with some different horses.

The working student period can last from 1 to 6 (or more) months.

As a working student, you work in the stable, and get 3 lessons a week lessons with your own horse and lodging.

If you are not able to bring your own horse, you have the opportunity to have lessons with some of the horses in the stable.

As a working student you will be able to follow Marias training with her horses, follow others’ lessons, and participate when being held clinics here on the farm.

It allows you to gain a lot of knowledge and practical experience.

When you’re a working student here, you’ll share the living space, kitchen and wc/bathroom with the other girls in the stable in the Riders Lounge.

You have your own private room. The washing machine and dryer is shared with the family.

You pay your own food in the intern period. Though, some days we invite for a joined dinner for everyone, that you will not pay for.

(But, we do not make special food next to our normal dinner, if you are on a strikt diat or vegan. If you are, your are welcome to join us with your own food).

There will be food (sugar and starch-free), haylage and bedding for your horse. your horse will have his own box and a big paddock (no grass).

If you have a second horse that you want to include in the intern period, you must pay housing rent for the second horse.

The farm is approx 2 km outside of Roskilde city, so it is really easy to bike, take the buss or even walk in to town. From the train station in Roskilde, you can get to Copenhagen in 20min. so you will also be able to see some of Denmark while staying here.

The work:
The daily stable work will be Monday – Sunday, 2-4 hours a day (every other weekend is off). So there is also ample opportunity for free time. We have a tractor on the farm for the heavy lifts and runs.

During Summer, Maria is fixing and building new upgrades on the farm, and it is expected that you will help her.

REMEMBER, IT IS STABLE WORK (Manual labour), and it is hard if you are not use to it.

Working scedual:

If you would like to be a working student here, send me an email or write to me on Facebook.You don’t need to be experienced in the Academic art of Riding, for you to be a working student here. You just have to have an interest and a desire to learn.

Merijn Hemels, Working Student 2017

My name is Merijn, I am from the Netherlands and I came to Maria for three months in March 2017. I had a fantastic experience being a working student for her!

Before I came, I had no experience in the academic art of riding so I had a lot to learn. Although I had been riding for about ten years, the first lessons felt like I was a beginner again. But with Maria’s guidance it was no problem, because she always looks at what the horse and rider are able to do at that moment.

What I really liked about learning about the academic art of riding with her, were the different ways of learning. Of course, there were the lessons that Maria gave me, but there was also opportunity to watch lessons from others (at other locations as well), to watch her training horses and ofcourse to talk about and discuss horse training.

What I really liked too, was the good contact with the people coming to the stables due to the business being fairly small. It also allows you to get to know the horses at the farm a little better than if it were a very large farm with a large number of horses.

And as a working student, it almost feels like you’re part of the family when you’re living in the house with the Cheung family. They are all very kind people. And finally, the location is very nice.

There is no huge amount of work so in most afternoons and weekends you have time to explore the surroundings. You can easily visit Copenhagen.

Jozefien Missinne, Working Student 2016 & 2017

Going to Denmark, I didn’t have any idea who Maria was. I knew she was a knight in the Academic Art of Riding, but that was about it. Once I arrived I met a very outgoing and still young woman. Not that many horses and a great home.

Maria and I decided together that I was going to train her horse Isabel, as I didn’t bring my own horse with me.

We got daily lessons. And by the end of my three month stay we had gone through all the different forms of teaching a horse. Some Isa knew, some she didn’t and some we both never did. Next to lessons with Isa, I also got a few lessons on her schoolhorse Nande. This to learn how certain things are supposed to feel.

If you have questions about anything you can ask her. There is always room for discussion about something. I also learned a lot more about biomechanics.

I enjoyed my stay so much that I came back again a few months later. During my first stay I was the only working student, the second time there was another working student.

I learned that Maria finds a good solution for every single working student. Some bring their own horse others don’t. For the ones that don’t she finds a good solution that fits that person. So you can develop as much as possible. I even got the opportunity to train with Isa for the groundwork and longing test and passed it.

Angelina, Working Student 2017

I absolutely enjoyed my time at Maria`s place! It has been the first stay for me as a working student so I was very excited and I did not know what to expect.

I have been received very heartily by Maria and her nice family and was part of the family life during my stay. The room I shared with an other working student was big and bright.

I had five lessons a week, no matter if it snowed or the ground was frozen. Since I am a beginner in the Academic Art of Riding Maria gave me a good access and was very emphatic with all the difficulties I had to understand and practice this nice way to be with a horse. Maria is very focused on the aids of your body, so after nearly 20 years of riding I finally learned how to move my hips correctly.

As I left my own horse in Germany I took the lessons with Marias wonderful horses. I never expected to learn how collection and a schoolhalt would feel like and I am very happy about this experience! Besides the lessons I was allowed to work with Marias horses in my free time and to go out for a ride, for example to the beach – it`s been awesome!

I joined Maria about one day a week when she went out to give lessons or work with other horses. Since I do not understand danish it has been difficult to follow the lessons, but even by watching them I was able to learn a lot! Moreover, Maria has been always willing to answer all my questions after the lessons.

The daily work was well-structured and lasted about 4-6 hours a day, at the weekend we were finished after one hour. Therefore, I had a lot of free time.

I am so thankful for everything I learned during my time as a working student at Maria`s place and I can absolutely recommend a stay there to everyone who wants to learn more about the Academic Art of Riding!